Growing pains

The lows of the highs.

Sometimes I just wake up with this malaise. A sadness in my heart that seems to have decided to come visit me and stay for the day. I notice there are some little things I can do to help the feeling, but often it just is the mood for the day. Today I'm learning to accept it as a part of the process. You don't ALWAYS need to be all sunshine and pep. This is a time for grounding and self-love. It will pass, it always does.

Here are my top 3 ways to get out of a funk:

#1 dress, listen, see – Surround yourself with the vibe you want to feel.

#2 get up, move, dance it out – Change your location. Move your ass, and your mind will follow.

#3 wait it out – Nothing lasts forever. Just accept and chill in you mood. Don't dig a deeper hole, but embrace the experience and rest in the knowing that eventually it will shift. It always does.

Love, Viivi.

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